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                                     "An instant cult classic..."   - Andrei Codrescu

                 "So bizarre, so absurd and so dickering that it could only be true.  
                                                 And only the truth is funny."  
                                - Chris Rose "The New Orleans Times-Picayune"

   "Funny and original, I laughed out loud - it's like the Lazlo Letters for the digital age."  Tom Purcell "The Colbert Report"

   "No one can con conmen like Diana Grove.  She out Ponzis them all.  Bravo!"
   Don Novello "The Lazlo Letters"

   "Hilarious!  Diana Grove's writing is dense with the darkest kind of funny.  She is perhaps Nigeria's greatest four-limbed foe."
- Tom Johnson "Talkshow With Spike Fereston"

   "Funny with a capital F.U.!"
   - Bill Chott "Saturday Night Live"

   "Diana's "Dot.Conned" will be everyone's favorite revenge fantasy."
   - James Finn Garner "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories"

   "This spam-slamming masterpiece will make you howl.  
   It was a pleasure to read and left me slack-jawed."
   - Mike Bonano  "The Yes Men"

   "Holy sh*t, this book is f*cking funny!" - Robin Tate -Promoter
   (Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Dennis Miller, George Lopez)

"Grove has an entertaining flair for absurd humor..."
-Will Coviello "Gambit - New Orleans"


Almost scammed by an Internet con man, author Diana Grove decided to seek revenge by beating the fraudsters at their own game.  Responding to spam email, then creating bizarre fictional characters (involving real New Orleanians in costume) she leads the crooks on a uproariously wild ride of bait and switch before finally pushing them to their breaking point. 

Driven by mischief and a sense of the absurd, Diana convinces her con men to go to implausable lengths, including meet her at an airport in Ghana and even agree to her hand in marriage - and all without ever receiving a dime! 

Dot.Conned" is more than just sweet revenge for victims of Internet fraud, it's a laugh-out-loud joy ride that shows all it takes to con a con man is a computer and a twisted sense of humor. 
It's comedic improv with real-life bad guys 
- and it's all 100% true!                               

         Check out some of the "Dot.Conned" characters...
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                                Svetlana Petrokov                           Norman Dodd


                         Opus Knight                             Fudgey Carmichael   




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